Map of Oil and Gas Fields in Saudi Arabia (2005) click on map to enlarge

Source: Saudi Aramco via EIA
Map of Primary Oil and Gas Deposits in the Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea Basins (2005)  click on map to enlarge
Sources: PFC Energy, The Economist estimates via Gulf/2000
Selected Oil and Gas Pipeline Infrastructure in the Middle East click on map to enlarge
Sources: IEA and BP via EIA 
Map of Russian Oil and Gas Provinces (2009) click on map to enlarge
North America
     Map of North American shale plays -- EIA, May 2011 (USA, Canada and Mexico)
     Eagle Ford Shale Maps -- Eagle Ford Shale Blog
     Eagle Ford shale play -- EIA, May 2010 (USA, South Texas)




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  1. In the figure above, Arabian Gulf written on the map is wrong! it is Persian gulf. Please call our territories by their proper names. PERSIAN GULF FOR EVER. Improve your geographical knowledge